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1099 Independant Contractor (IC)
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1099 Independant Contractor (IC), Owner Operator
All, Illinois

Company Drivers 30%!!!

1099 Independant Contractor (IC), Lease
All, Illinois

Company Driver

1099 Independant Contractor (IC)


1099 Independant Contractor (IC), Owner Operator, Lease Purchase
All, Illinois



Ukrainian us...


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Find High Paying Trucking Jobs Easily

What matters to you most when you look for the best CDL trucking job? Is it a higher salary, better career perspectives, or well-planned routes? Anything’s possible if you possess the needed skills, experience, and passion for this job.

What are the Criteria for the Best Truck Driver Jobs?

Over 10,000 truck driver jobs are available on different online services daily. Just find the offer matching your needs best. Here’s the listing of what to pay attention to when searching for the CDL driving job you deserve:

Use reliable online CDL job services to get quick and secure access to the best CDL trucker job offers in the United States. With new positions appearing daily, it’s essential to check back on the job offers regularly. This way, you won’t miss your perfect match.

Why look for a CDL Driving Job at the Top Trucking Companies?

It’s always a good idea to look for CDL trucker job offers from the top truck-driving companies in your area. There are a few reasons for this.

Who Can Look for CDL Driving Job?

Getting high-paying trucking jobs can become a reality for you regardless of how much experience you have. Whether you’ve just graduated from the CDL driving school or have decades spent driving around the country, you have hundreds of job options available. The main thing is that you should meet some essential criteria any reputable employer sets for their employees. What are those criteria?

Get a Guaranteed Best Trucking Job Offer Today!

If you think about getting a CDL but hesitate about your perspectives as a well-paid truck driver, leave those doubts behind. Make your first step towards your dream job and sign up for the CDL driving course at the CDL driving school. Get the knowledge and skills from an experienced team of instructors who know how to make your dream come true. The best thing is that they give a 100% guarantee of employment upon successful completion of training. So don’t miss your chance to learn from the best ones. Sign up for your first class today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to your most pressing questions about JobCDL.

How much do truck drivers make in a year? img
Approximate salary of a truck driver in the USA is $62,478 per year or $30.04 per hour
What are the highest paying CDL jobs? img
The highest pay among drivers is class A. Most people graduating Class A CDL diploma will be involved in Off-Road Trucking (OTR).
What CDL companies are currently hiring? img
On JobCDL you are able to find Top Rated companies that are currently hiring CDL trucking drivers.
Which states have the most truck driving jobs? img
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics here is a list of states that have the most truck driving jobs: Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio.